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Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is a revolutionary product from Australian educational publisher Blake Publishing designed to get children reading by combining the best elements online and book learning in one easy to use process. The program has been running in Australia for 3 years and due to its huge success it has now been adapted for the UK market, specifically incorporating synthetic phonics.

The importance of synthetic phonics
  • Synthetic phonics is a method of teaching reading which first teaches the letter sounds and then builds up to blending these sounds together to achieve full pronunciation of whole words e.g. s-t-r-ee-t
  • Children who learn using synthetic phonics are able to try new words working from sound alone without needing prior knowledge of families of words
  • Research has shown that children learning to read using synthetic phonics have developed skills and progressed to a higher level faster than those without
  • The use of synthetic phonics in teaching has been supported by the British government and has not only been added to the national curriculum but a funding scheme has also been developed where schools can claim up to £3,000 for an effective phonics program
Where Reading Eggs came from

For two years a team of Australian educators, programmers and animators worked to turn learning the basics of reading into a fun journey through a highly interactive digital world that engages children on many levels.

Full of educationally sound, fun and interactive activities, Reading Eggs focuses on the most fundamental skill needed in school: reading. Children from 3 to7 years of age or older children struggling with reading will enjoy the huge variety of reading lessons, activities and games that make up the Reading Eggs program.

What parents and teachers think about Reading Eggs

The testimonial page on the Reading Eggs website is full of parents, teachers and carers who have seen first hand the affect the program has had on their children's reading ability. Parents such as Arthur who commented:

Reading Eggs is incredible!! My Daughter can't get enough of the activities, she enjoys them so much.  We had to turn the computer off because she was getting tired.  In just THREE days she started reading the most basic of words. Thank you so much Reading Eggs.

Over 500,000 children across the world have already had the Reading Eggs experience and you too can be one of the 90% of parents who reported a noticeable improvement in their child's reading skills after using the program. Simply visit us HERE, click on the parents button on the homepage and follow the set up instructions.